Kingman Lodge #22

Making Good Men Better

Coffee With A Mason

Interested in becoming a Mason?

Join us on Wednesday mornings for

“Conversation with the Master”

with Coffee & Doughnuts

from 10AM - Noon


Come to our “Meet a Mason” Program,  

on the first Monday of every month from 5PM - 7PM.

Learn what Masonry is about, tour the Lodge

and see if it fits your needs.

Kingman Lodge #22 is located at 212 North 4th Street

 in Old Town Kingman.


Upcoming Events

The Magic of the Masonic World


Rusty on the work? No problem!
Sometimes brothers don’t come to lodge because it’s been a long time since they attended, they don’t quite remember the work, and are embarrassed. Don’t let that stop you! Come a little early, pull a member aside and get a little coaching. We want to see you at lodge as a full and active member.