Kingman Lodge #22

Making Good Men Better

Coffee With A Mason

Interested in becoming a Mason?

Join us on Wednesday mornings for

“Conversation with the Master”

with Coffee & Doughnuts

from 10AM - Noon


Come to our “Meet a Mason” Program,  

on the first Monday of every month from 5PM - 7PM.

Learn what Masonry is about, tour the Lodge

and see if it fits your needs.

Kingman Lodge #22 is located at 212 North 4th Street

 in Old Town Kingman.


Upcoming Events


Rusty on the work? No problem!
Sometimes brothers don’t come to lodge because it’s been a long time since they attended, they don’t quite remember the work, and are embarrassed. Don’t let that stop you! Come a little early, pull a member aside and get a little coaching. We want to see you at lodge as a full and active member.