WM's Calendar

The FIRST Monday of every Month: Officers' Meeting/Degrees/Degree Practice  (Lodge may be closed on July 3rd due to 4th of July week-end)

                                    The SECOND Monday of every Month:   Stated Meeting

                                    The THIRD Monday of every Month:   Degrees/Degree Practice

                                    The FOURTH Monday of every Month:   Education Night/Degrees    (Lodge will be DARK Oct 23rd for York Rite CRFF & Sept. 4th for Labor Day) Closed 12/25.



                                    I'll be working the dates of Rex R. Hutchens Research Lodge #5 with MWB Jeff as he'll probably be heading north for the summer and we won't be doing them

                                    then.  I'll get with him right after Installation and get what months he wants to do them.


                                    Major event dates & etc.:


                                    March 11                                 MotherRoad Harley-Davidson BBQ/Lodge

                                    March 31-Apr 2                      Lodge Officer Leadership Training/Casa Grande, AZ

                                    April 24                                   Kingman Masonic Table Lodge

                                    May 5-6 (tentative)     Rummage Sale (Masonic Lodge, O.E.S. & Kingman Shrine Club)

                                    May 13                                    Hualapai Mountain Outdoor Degree

                                    June 1-3                                   Arizona Masonic Grand Communication/Phoenix, AZ

                                    July 15                         Masonic Family Picnic at Haulapai Mountain Park

                                    Sept. 16 (tentative)     Masonic Blood Drive 

                                    Dec. 9                          MotherRoad Harley-Davidson BBQ/Lodge

            Sincerely & Fraternally,


            Ken Chism, WM